Friday, 10 September 2010

Catching the “Other” Bus

Picture 070
Sometimes, when I have been shopping, I have to catch the West Midland bus home because the Banga bus only runs once an hour and sometimes I don’t have time to wait for George (but I always feel a little bit disloyal to him when I catch it).
Picture 075
The timetable is quite complicated,
Picture 076
……. and I get a bit anxious, which is silly I know …….
Picture 079
……… BUT the West Midland bus has one attraction that the Banga bus does not have ........ an upstairs!
…… and it’s BRILLIANT!  I can see loads of stuff I generally don't see, like what's over peoples walls and into the front rooms of houses that don't have nets up at the window but naturally, it will never be my going to town and doing the shopping transport of choice.

If I win the lottery I would buy George a double decker bus, if he wanted one, I wouldn't foist one upon him if he was content with the one he already has.


Julia Dunnit said...

Waiting fr a different bus service gives me the anxs too, funny that. Glad you can enjoy the usptairs though - and I'm pretty sure George would understand that there are days when the banga timetable doesn't fit yours!

Mr. D said...

Careful with a double-decker bus for George. His route may take him under a low bridge a-la-James Bond movie.
Maybe buy him a lot of Double Decker chocolate bars or meet the "stars" of the children's programme of the same name.