Friday, 24 September 2010

Making A Sandwich with Me and Darrell

Picture 219
Remember our window box where we were trying to grow salad leaves …… well the said leaves are now conspicuous by their great abundance!
Picture 217
Darrell and I have started picking or as we prefer to say “harvesting” them for our mid day sandwich repast.
Picture 220
We are getting quite adept at the culinary art of sandwich making.  We use wholemeal bread and a smidgeon of butter.
Picture 221
Followed by lots and lots of our wholesome naturally grown leaves, “Pile them all on Darrell”
Picture 223
Followed by ……. a squeeze of  salad cream and a sprinkling of salt ……
Picture 224
As they say on Masterchef “ You mess up at this level, you create an absolute crisis!”
Picture 227
5 a day heaven! Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom.
Picture 225
A touch or marmite ...... and it would be perfection on a plate.  Gordon Ramsey, eat your heart out.


Mr.D said...

Looks very healthy and tasty too. Careful with that knife. We don't want blood everywhere.
Someone seems to have a fixation with five a day. They get a frequent mention - well done for being so healthy. I myself have around nine per day.

Junie said...

Oh as they say on Masterchef !!! "Cooking doesn't get tougher than this" !!! I am so impressed and the end result looks so yummy !!!

Debsg said...

Yummy. Delicious looking sandwich and so professionally made.

Monkey said...

Hi Mr D

- when you are a martyr to your bowels like Darrell - 5 a day has quite a significant importance, but we try to treat it with a little light humour so as not to draw too much attention to Darrells "problem"

He likes to move his bowels several times a day, usually from one room to another !!!

There is one name or voice that has Darrell rushing to the loo immediatley "Elvis Presley" - his demise is a salutary tale ......

As for your 9 a day Mr D ..... you must be able to pick fresh oranges and stuff as you walk to work in Mexico!

Darrell said...

Please, no one mention my "problem" outside this blog, I am a very private person, especially where my intimate inner workings are concerned.