Monday, 20 September 2010

A Sun £9.50 Holiday for Darrell

I have felt very guilty about my inadvertent Turkish Adventure, leaving Darrell behind in Wolverhampton without so much of a glimpse of the sea and having to cope on his own for nearly two weeks, so I have decided that Darrell should have  an adventure of his own ……
Sun £9.50 holiday
…… And to this end it is very fortuitous that the Sun have been doing their £9.50 holidays again, so unbeknownst to Darrell I have been collecting the tokens for a special holiday for him.
£9.50 Sun Holiday
I have collected all the tokens and filled out all the forms and, fingers crossed, he will be going to Portsmouth in early October.  I haven’t said a word to him yet just in case it’s all booked up. I’ll wait until I get a letter from the Sun first before I say anything.  But I’ve paid extra for his linen and entertainment pass and have also put a bid on a small suitcase on e-bay for him.  How exciting!


Mr.D said...

Does Darrell read these posts? Otherwise your little secret will be out. Portsmouth doesn't seem like a holiday resort - I hope I'm wrong. There's not even a Wolves away match there any more. You will meet some sailors so you could use some of your pirate talk.

deborah said...

What a great friend you are, I am sure he will love his little holiday,remind him to pack a jumper though.

Junie said...

What a fantastic idea !! Dont forget you may be able to pick up a winter duffle coat while on holiday !!! Dont eat too much rock bad for your teeth !!!