Sunday, 5 September 2010

Knit One, Drop One

Picture 214
Darrell and I love would love to surf, but, as there aren’t many waves in Wolverhampton, we have to contain our  surfing to the worldwide web.  Yesterday we found this wonderful blog  and this BRILLIANT hanging basket -  a veritable 5 a day in knitted form.
When we saw it we just sat in silence, the only expression we can use to sum up how we felt is awe and wonder. It is, the most wonderful knitted object we have ever seen.
There is even a knitting pattern on the blog to follow …… so we have found some wool, some needles and have printed off the instructions so we can start to make our own hanging basket ………….. all we need now is to learn to knit.
Picture 190
Darrell is attempting the leaves and I am trying to do the strawberries, but we may be trying to knit before we can purl as they say in the knitting world.
Picture 191
It’s also a bit spooky, knitting has featured a lot in our lives this week. It could be an omen to put our X Factor dreams on hold and take up knitting instead.
Picture 192


Devon said...

Wow that hanging basket is amazing :) I bet you'll get the hang of knitting very soonn and will be able to create a fantastic hanging basket :)

Mr. D said...

Numinous indeed, that hanging basket. Why don't you go one better and knit a hanging garden, like the one in Babylon.