Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lifting Rooney’s Spirits

Picture 249
Do you remember my friend Rooney who helped me train for Race For Life?  Well, he has been feeling a bit down this past week or so and is seriously thinking about changing his name by deed poll because he has been taking quite a bit of stick lately, due to the antics of his namesake!
 Picture 248
We had a long heart to heart and told I him that today’s chip papers were yesterdays newspapers, or something like that……. and anyway I wasn’t sure that there were many suitable names in the England team he could choose from …. which made him laugh.
Picture 211
Rooney has a brilliant job, he works at the Sports Hall with all the P.E Ladies, Brenda, Laura and Debbie.  He has a lot of responsibilities, like washing all the kits, towels and bibs……
Picture 214
Getting a brew on ………
Picture 216
Maintaining a high level of cleanliness in all areas …..
Picture 210 Picture 207
As well as  cleaning all the trophies and filing the lost property.
Picture 247
I think our little chat cheered him up, especially when I asked if he would help me and Darrell train for the Trick or Treat Midnight Walk for the local hospice on Halloween Night ….. how exciting ……. but more of that later!

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Mr.D said...

What should his new name be? Terry? Gerrard? Beckham? Cole? Ferdinand? Crouch? That's over half a team already. Maybe try a different nation - Ribery? Sven? (Svengali?) Perhaps it is compulsory to have a scandal to get into the England team. Maybe that's why I wasn't in the team. I have never taken out a super-injunction.