Thursday, 23 September 2010

Speaking of Jan the Fan ….

How spooky is it that she should send us a present on HER birthday! 
Picture 408
As usual it was beautifully wrapped, with little monkey and banana stickers placed strategically on the front and back …. which we took off very carefully so we can use them again.
Picture 410
Inside were two mousse bars, which Darrell first read  as “mouse” which had him in fits of laughter, his eyes were running, as was his nose, which wasn’t a very pretty sight, I can tell you. They are from Marks and Spencer, which is quite posh and so sweets from there are a real treat for us.
Picture 413
One is raspberry flavour and the other is lemon, so they count as two of our five a day, how brilliant is that?  We are saving them for a day or two so we can do a proper confectionary review on them, how exciting! 
Picture 415
Thank you Jan the Fan…..
Picture 417
Love Monkey and Darrell xxxx


Mr.D said...

Posh sweets indeed. I suspect they wouldn't even call them sweets in M&S. It will be confectionary corner or bonbon boulevard.

Monkey said...

Mr D you have coined a wonderful new confectionary phrase "Bon Bon Boulevard" - may we have permission to use it (frequently)?