Thursday, 2 September 2010

We’ve Got New Jumpers, How Brilliant Is That?

Picture 132
We LOVE the PE Lady’s Mum! Look what she has knit for us, bright orange Wolves jumpers!!!!! We only gave her a couple of our vital statistics, but they are perfect, she is a VERY clever.  How “brilliant” are we going to look at the Molineux now!
There will be no need for Aunty Jan to fret anymore about not being able to see us at a game,  even Mick McCarthy will be able to point us out to the players, because he’s already tried it in our garden!
Picture 118
The PE Lady’s mum has also knit us a red and black stripy jumper, we both like it and have agreed to share it.
il_fullxfull_129374258Picture 125
We had a lot of fun posing for these pictures, Darrell fancies himself as a latter day male knitting pattern model.
Picture 134
We have admired our jumpers from every angle and …..
Picture 138
….. if ever this gets onto the Wolves Website we will probably be inundated by Wolves fans wanting to know how to get theirs, we could brand them as Wolves Chic!
Picture 135
Thank you PE Lady’s Mum ….. we love you ….. xxxxx

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Mr. D said...

Bright orange? Don't you mean old gold? I suspect Mick McCarthy has been introduced by devious methods, rather like when a persona non grata was removed from Soviet photos or when a model gets slimmed down or touched up. Monkey, have you ever been touched up?