Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Present from Jenny at Marmite

Picture 235
We have been excitedly anticipating the arrival of our gift from Jenny at the Marmite Factory …… we are so lucky, every day seems to bring us something very wonderful and we realise how very fortunate we are and appreciate everything that we have been sent recently.
But we are still very puzzled as to how the lovely people who make Marmite know how much we LOVE it.
Picture 236
Darrell was very excited …… he said he had put some bread in the toaster just in case……. he had gone a bit spooky and had, what I call one of his  “Derek Acorah moments” ……..
Picture 238
The parcel was exquisitely wrapped and gave no clue as to its contents …
Picture 241
Darrell was right, it was a jar of Marmite ….. but a very special one ….
Picture 243
There was a leaflet with it that said that it was a special limited edition vintage jar and that there were only 750 of them in the whole world (the others will only be on sale at Goodwood Revival 2010)  and we have been honoured with one, how SPECIAL do we feel, in a very humble type way?
Picture 245
But now we have a terrible quandary …… do we enjoy the jars contents on our toast and sandwiches etc. and keep the empty jar ……. or do we keep it all intact to take to The Antiques Roadshow in twenty years time…… the responsibility weighs heavy upon our shoulders!
Picture 242
With this in mind, we decided to ponder on the matter for a little while longer and shared a Dairylea Triangle on our toast instead of opening the jar. We shall be writing to Jenny to thank her very much for her lovely gift.

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Mr. D said...

Who will be sending you something next? Cadburys? Dairylea? Derek Acorah, whoever he is? Mr. D? The tooth fairy? Mexico's tooth mouse? The Queen?