Sunday, 12 September 2010

Thank You Lilibet xxxx

Picture 235
We continue to be overwhelmed by the kindness and thought of our readers. Last Sunday we were overcome by Liilbets’ friend’s knitted strawberry hanging basket and we took up knitting for about half an hour, until we managed to drop every single stitch on our needles ….. we now realise our plans were a little ambitious and we need to start on a much smaller first project …..
 Picture 233
But Lilibet sent us the most wonderful parcel that contained some hand spun and hand dyed wool. It is far too precious for us mere novices to work with, but we know someone who has taken a fancy to it and is going to knit a little something with it.
Picture 229 Picture 236
She also sent us a beautiful hand embroidered badge each, with our initials on ….. they are exquisite. We will love and treasure them for always and make sure we always wear them from now on, like Blue Peter Badges.
Picture 228 Picture 238
People will also be able to tell us apart now!
Picture 234
We loved the tissue paper that our parcel was wrapped up in too….. we think that the Queen might use such tissue paper for her personal gifts …. and it seems like a spooky coincidence that our beloved Queen was called Lilibet as a little girl ……
Picture 232
We’ve had a look at Lilibets blog today , she’s knitting little hats for Innocent Smoothies to raise money for old people, we are wondering if our knitting skills are good enough to knit a little hat ……..
Watch this space ……..

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Lilibet said...

You are more than welcome.I loved my little bits too.