Thursday, 23 September 2010

Happy Birthday Jan The Fan

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Jan the Fan.  Happy Birthday to you! Hooray!!!!
Picture 420
Hi Jan, we are sorry we can’t be with you on your special day, but we’ve got a humongous rush job of reprographics at the Young Ladies School to do today.  However we got up extra early to light a candle and make a special birthday wish for you.
Picture 422
Darrell managed to blow it out on his fifth attempt, but I don’t think his lisp can help much in the blowing out of celebratory candles, bless him.
Picture 423
Anyway, we hope you like your present …… but, in the words of Sir Rolf Harris, Patron Saint of Animal Hospitals:-  “A monkey is forever, not just for the birthdays of ladies of a certain age”


Mr.D said...

Darrell could make dextrous use of a hairdryer to blow out the candles.

Monkey said...

Though an excellent idea Mr D, how many hairdryers do you see in the pictures in celebrity magazines such as Hello and OK where the likes of Kerry Katona or Jordan are seen blowing out the candles of their celebratory cakes? - not many!

However we will take your comment on board.