Saturday, 18 September 2010

Incy Wincy Spider

It’s very easy to be brave ………..
Picture 196
when the object of your fear …….
Picture 198
is on the other side of the glass!
Picture 199
Spiders are not our mini beast of choice …… we saw a film once, where a man was turned into half fly half man in a machine. He got stuck in a web and a spider was about to eat him. He was shouting for help in a half fly half man type voice …… it gave us the willies and we had to sleep with the light on for months!
Picture 204
But, we do appreciate the beauty of a spider's web,  especially on a frosty morning,  but since watching that film we avoid any machine that we think could turn us into half flies.


Mr.D said...

In Kafka's "The Metamorphosis," a man wakes to find he has turned into a spider. A friend often finds scorpions in her house close to ours. There was a huge tarantula on the grass when we went away for the weekend. Mosquitos have made me look like a monster - parts of me swell up something chronic. These mini beasts (silly phrase)can be really scary.

Monkey & Darrell said...

Strueth, Mr D ..... please excuse us if we DON'T have an Inadvertant Adventure in Mexico!!!

Junie said...

I dont like spiders either !!! But do love looking at their webs on a frosty morning !!! which happens quite alot in Scotland LOL !!! Lucy has already decided on a name for her monkey even though she doesn't have one yet LOL

Sasha Holloway said...

I have to get use to all these spiders that are here and popping up every 3 minutes in my house and outside of it. LOL. I know we have them in the states but good grief I feel like they were imported from the UK there are so many. LOL I love your picture of this one ..

cracked me up