Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Our First Cake …..

Picture 582
After enjoying all the those cakes yesterday, we thought we would have a go at making one ourselves ….. how hard could it be?  But we decided not to be too overly ambitious and got a cake mix for our first effort, to save on all that weighing and measuring and technical stuff.
Picture 584
Not that I know a lot, but I told Darrell that I didn’t think we needed a potato masher to make our cake.
Picture 585
It took a lot of mixing, and both our arms ached but it looked ok ……
Picture 586
and tasted good too…….
Picture 587
So we put the mixture into our lovely monkey sized baking tins …..
Picture 590
….. and put them in a hot oven …… where we left them in the lap of the gods. All we could do was wait with trepidation and tightly crossed fingers ……. see how they turned out tomorrow ….


Mr.D said...

Tomorrow? You can't leave them in the oven that long M! Methinks you are just toying with your fans - like the end of an episode of Flash Gordon or Dick Barton - Special Agent.

Monkey said...

Oh Mr D, Wethinks you have indeed seen past our cunning ruse to leave our fans in suspenders!

However in our defence .... it is a recognised cookery procedure to allow your cake to cool "properly" before applying the butter icing, chocolate buttons, sprinkles, jam, silver balls, icing sugar figures, crumbled chocolate flake,and orange and lemon slices as we indeed plan ..... otherwise they would all melt together and the cake could look a mess!

Junie said...

Good morning !!! I am drooling at the mouth (LOL) I adore the smell of fresh baking !!! Butter icing and chocolate buttons sound perfect !!! I can hardly wait until Harris arrives to show him your adventures !!!

Debsg said...

I can smell the delicious aroma from here.