Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Writing Our Thank You Letter to the PE Lady’s Mum.

After we finished doing our chores yesterday, wearing our new jumpers and aprons, it was only right that Darrell and I sat down together to write a "Thank You” letter to the PE Lady’s Mum.
Picture 188
We decided to make our own card
Picture 196
I have got the best handwriting so I wrote the letter. Darrell helped me with what to say and when we had finished Darrell signed his name, in his best writing at the bottom with some kisses.
Picture 194
We also put in two fridge magnets with me on, Darrell is having some of his own done soon, which he is very excited about, and wants to send one to Cheryl Cole and another to Paul O’Grady for Christmas.
Picture 193
We have also found the PE Lady’s Mum some lovely fluffy pink wool which we think would make a nice warm scarf for her daughter, the PE Lady, especially when she’s doing things of a PE nature outside on the field, in the cold, there may even be some left over for a pair of mittens.
Picture 197
We hope she will like our letter, we love her very much xxx


Mr. D said...

Wow - Monkey's handwriting looks a lot like the writing of some wondeful person both Monkey and I know! Another coincidence!

Helen said...

Message from Monkey's Mum ...... Mr D you are such a flatterer ..... how's your board rubber? That would be something to feature in my crfaty blog!!!

deborah said...

Monkey, your handwriting is superb for one so young, you must have had a very good teacher when you learnt to write, I am sure the PE teachers mum will be thrilled

Ali said...

That is so sweet - I bet she sheds a little tear when she receives it xx

Mr. D said...

Helen - I have my magic rubber in front of me but I don't have a bottle of squeaky pop being held by a mouse! Has anyone proposed to you recently?