Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Slight Error in Communication…..

texting Monkey
I owe Auntie Jan a HUGE, HUGE apology, because yesterday I sent her on a fools errand! I was thinking about Halloween and  texted her to see if she would look in Home Bargains for “a skelly-bob baby grow” for Darrell to wear on our Trick or Treat Charity Walk ….
But...... I pressed a ‘c’ instead of a ‘g’ and she went to both the Wolverhampton and Stafford branches looking for a “skelly crow”  ……..amongst the Halloween spiders, bats and pumpkins, thinking that skeleton birds were a new trend in Trick or Treat novelty items!!!!  I am soooooooo sorry!
skelly crow 
But then how spooky is this ……. we found a skelly crow online, how very weird is that?  I wonder what Yvette Fielding and The Most Haunted Team would make of that? You can tell Halloween is coming as my Derek Acorah moments are becoming more frequent!


Mr.D said...

The skelly crow certainly would have me hiding behind the sofa if I saw one on the telly.
A scally crow would be some bird, of the feathered variety, from Liverpool (but not a liver bird.)

Helen said...

Ha Ha Mr D ........ scally crow!!!!!