Thursday, 9 September 2010

Correspondence From A Lady At The Marmite Factory.

Picture 207
This is Darrell with his Mona Lisa expression - since our e-mail (see below) he won’t be separated from our marmite jar!
Everyone knows that we  ADORE Marmite, especially Darrell,  it is our savoury spread of choice, so can you imagine our excitement when we opened up our e-mail yesterday ( and found a lovely message from a lady called Jenny.
She said she wants to send us a limited edition Marmite product! We can’t for the life of us think what it could be ….. but it is so exciting. I don’t know if I will be to able to contain Darrell’s effervescent mood so may have to take him for long walks until the postman arrives.
Naturally we have replied to Jenny’s e-mail.
We are in a quandary as to know how the people at Marmite know about us, Darrell thought perhaps they did a Google search for “Monkeys wat like Marmite” and somehow we popped up. If Jenny contacts us again we will ask her!


Lilibet said...

Wow,that is AWSOME!!!!
I love marmite spread thick on a toasted crumpet for my elevenses.I will have to try the cheesey triangle idea.
Thanks Guys.x

Mr. D said...

Your fame has spread further than giant jars of Marmite, Bovril and Vegemite combined.