Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Suitable Attire for Our Domestic Duties

We know that we are extremely fortunate Monkeys, but yesterday we received another parcel from the PE Lady’s Mum that made us gasp in surprise and then sigh at the thought and work that had been put into our gift, look what she has made us …..
Picture 234
…….. little aprons for doing the housework in ….. how BRILLIANT and LOVELY is that?
Picture 232
We just wanted to look at them all day, but we had chores to attend to …… and now we had appropriate protective clothing in which to perform them.
Picture 219
Darrell sorted out the drying ………
Picture 217
………. I stacked the dishwasher ………..
Picture 222
……. and then we prepared our vegetables of choice for yesterdays tea, runner beans!
Picture 226
Darrell said that he couldn’t imagine the beans running very far or very fast , what is he like?
Picture 224
Wearing our lovely new aprons made our tasks a pleasure and not a chore.
Picture 230

1 comment:

Mr. D said...

Maybe Darrell should attend the school to learn a few things. He could have been a runner in PE lady's lessons.