Friday, 3 September 2010

Monkeys What Lunch

Darrell and I very much enjoy going out to lunch whenever we can, our hostelry of choice is the pub across the road, especially when they have a two for one offer on.
Monkeys That Lunch 2
However we find their seats are rather low …..
Huge Menu 2
and their menus rather large …….
Monkeys what Lunch
I thought Darrell had gone to “seek toiletry comfort” and so naturally stopped our conversation, but he was really hidden behind his menu trying to decide between an All Day Breakfast or Peri Peri Chicken, I only realised he was there when he popped up to say “Have you decided yet?”
Monkeys That lunch
When we left we were given a customer feedback form to fill in, we made several suggestions.
Just in case you wondered, Darrell had the All Day Breakfast and I enjoyed beef lasagne, with salad and chips.


Lilibet said...

Darrell & yourself should really try the all day breakfast at Weatherspoons.I have been told the menus are slightly smaller & the tables are monkey sized.Your blog has made me laugh so much my sides hurt.

Mr. D said...

This pub brings back memories of Friday lunchtimes. I hope you didn't have a pint - rather a lot for a small monkey.