Monday, 13 September 2010

Darrell Does Social Networking

Darrell on Facebook 2
It appears that there is far more to Darrell than first meets the eye! While I have been out shopping he has  been sitting quietly at the computer and has become quite au fait with the machinations of social networking.
Darrell on Facebook 1
To wit, he has set up himself up on Facebook.
darrell on facebook 3
He tells me he has a wall, a profile, and a photo album on there, and has already left comments on the walls of Paul O’Grady Live and Marmite. He has also made some friends …….. I am now worrying that he will start Twittering, heaven help me!


Mr. D said...

I thought Darrell and Monkey's mum had been twittering on for years. He looks more intelligent with glasses but looks can be deceptive. Looks can kill too so I'd better be careful what I write.

Candycane said...

Oooh'd like to be his friend!!

Sal xXx