Saturday, 25 September 2010

Party Bags

I love going to parties, but always feel a little embarrassed when I am given a party bag as I leave, just being invited to a party is more than enough for me.
Picture 459
I am quite happy to take home a piece of cake to eat after my party food has gone down, but yesterday I was overwhelmed by the party bag I was given …… it was bulging with so much stuff.  I now know how it must feel to be a celebrity getting a party bag after the Oscars
Picture 462
I was given lots of sweets, a notebook and pen, some cotton buds, a razor and some tissues, as well as the lightest birthday sponge I have had in a long while.
Picture 463
I have used the pen and notebook to make a “To Do” list. The No.1 thing to do is to write and say “Thank You” for a wonderful party and party bag. Then I will share my party bag goodies with the people on my list.  The razor is pink, so I thought Lucy might like it to do her legs,  Auntie Jan loves Maltesers and is always doing stuff for us, and Darrell is a martyr to his ear wax so he will appreciate the cotton buds.  It’s good to share.


Mr.D said...

As a child, my party bags never included razors - pink or otherwise. Cotton buds too. My Sherlock Holmes instincts lead me to believe the party was for a lady older than the age of 16.
How many can remember Lucky Bags?

Monkey said...

You are very astute Mr D and your powers of detection have served you well, the party was indeeed for a lady of a "certain" age"

As for "lucky bags" or "Nukey Bags" as my mum says she called them .... cost about 3d (old money) and contained a rock hard toffee, some pastel coloured sugar suckie sweets and a small plastic toy like a whistle or pan pipes.

In those days I am also told that they promised much but often disappointed and delivered little ....... with the small purchaser often wishing they has spent their pocket money on three items from the Penny Box which rested on the jar of sherbet pips instead.

Frog in the Field said...

Interesting contents!
The cotton buds made me laugh..all those sweets though!