Friday, 17 September 2010

Funny Bombay Mix

Picture 421
I was looking in Lucy’s room when I saw what I thought was Bombay Mix – it smelt rather pungent and had, what I thought was dried fruit in it ….. I was about to have a little nibble when Lucy came in and yelled “Don’t eat that, it’s my potpourri!” …….
Picture 422
Hmmmmm, I’d never heard of it before ….. I gather it’s some sort of posh stuff ladies like to have about the house to make the rooms smell nice …… If I dare say …. without offending anyone I hope, that should I have eaten it …. my toilet business would have been most fragrant !!!!!


Mr.D said...

It would have made your breath sweeter than a rose as well.

Junie said...

Oh can you imagine eating potpourri !! bloomin stuff would run right through you LOL !!!