Thursday, 30 September 2010

Crumbs ……

Picture 591
When our cakes came out of the oven they looked beautiful and we felt very proud ……. “This is how Mr Kipling and Aunt Bessie must feel every day.” mused Darrell
Picture 593
However, when we tried to get the cake out of the tins we suddenly remembered that we hadn’t greased them, we just assumed, that as they were black in colour, the tins were non stick, we were very sadly wrong.
Picture 594
Undeterred, Darrell thought that we might be able to salvage things by holding the cake together with some jam and then no one would be any the wiser, but as he started spreading, it only crumbled more.
Picture 595
They make it look so easy on the tele…… but obviously there is more to baking than meets the eye.
Picture 596
Needless to say we didn’t attempt any icing or fancy stuff.
Picture 597
But in our defence the cake was lovely, light and spongy and very nice with a bit of custard for pudding. But we have deferred our application for Come Dine With Me for a little while, as we don’t think we are quite ready just yet!


Mr.D said...

Never mind - better luck next time. Still tastes the same. My mam has cake tins with a slider bit to release the said cake from the bottom and the sides. You could always put it in a trifle and people will be none the wiser (unless they read this blog.) Perhaps you should implement a privacy clause - what happens in the blog stays in the blog.

Monkey said...

Despite our petite disaster the cake soon disappeared .... There is something about seeing a plate of crumbs sitting casually in the kitchen that makes people pick. It is obviously surplus to requirements but much too good to waste.

As for trifle ....... yuuuueeeeeey! .... Not my cold dessert of choice, to be honest it makes me heave. Its a texture thing ..... just the thought of cake in jelly ..... nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It makes me go all goosebumpy.

Junie said...

Hi guys !!! I have to say that even though your cakes crumbled they still look totally yummy !!! You should still be proud of yourselves at least you attempted to bake !! Next time CHOCOLATE CAKE mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Anj said...

I'm with you on trifle - urghhhh!