Saturday, 11 September 2010

Friday Nights Just Got Even Better!

Picture 212
This week has been one of the most brilliant weeks ever …. so many things have happened, some we haven’t had time to mention yet, BUT …….. not only is X Factor in full swing but now our hero Paul O’Grady is back on the tele!
Picture 227We planned our evening very carefully.  I nipped into Asda to get some foamy fruits for Darrell, his current confectionary of choice, and at only 28p a bag I can afford to splash out.
Picture 214 Picture 218
One of Paul’s guests was Dawn French, we like her, she has very lovely, shiny hair, but she is also a bit of a minx ….. and used her womanly wiles to entice Paul into activities of an intimate nature.
Picture 224
Paul seemed to be ensnared by her charms and putty in her experienced hands ….. but I could tell Darrell was a getting embarrassed, as he started digging deep into his foamy fruits under the pretence that he was searching for a banana one.
Picture 221
“Do you think they will get married now?” he asked as they embraced. I said that I wasn’t sure, but it seemed evident that the fragrant Dawn appeared to be ready to move on from Lenny Henry, but perhaps Paul couldn’t offer Dawn all the love she would like in the long term.
Picture 225
Darrell hmmmmmmmm’ed thoughtfully and offered me one of his sweets
Picture 219
Sir Tom Jones was also one of Paul’s guests, he has a reputation for being a ladies man, so Paul was safe with him.
tom_jones Picture 221
What a wonderful start to our weekend.


Mr. D said...

I hope nobody threw any underwear at Tom Jones (or at Paul O´Grady or at Dawn French for that matter.)

deborah said...

Wasn't it a fab show,?? those acrobats scared me a bit with all those amazing tricks.

deborah said...
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