Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Exceedingly Good Cakes

It was very fortuitous that when I was helping out with a rush job of photocopying in the Reprographic Department of the Girls’ School yesterday that there was also a Macmillan Coffee Morning ……. and it would have been rude not to purchase a bit of cake!
Picture 520
However I got a little carried away!  But there again I didn’t want to upset the feelings of any of the ladies when making my selection, I just couldn’t choose one over another ….. so I felt compelled to buy one of each, thus making everyone happy, including me and Darrell.
Picture 519
For once I told Darrell to throw caution to the wind and that it wouldn’t hurt to forgo our 5 a day for once, especially as it was for charity. I gave Darrell the first pick and he selected a walnut muffin.
Picture 521
He then watched me as I made my first selection
Picture 522
Which was an exceedingly moist  piece of  cake which actually did contain glace cherries, apple and sultanas, how brilliant is that?
Picture 524 Picture 525
Darrell’s second choice was a morish slice of tea loaf, whilst I opted for a rock bun, both of which contained more sultanas ….. bonus!
Picture 526
We then selected a muffin each …… nom, nom, nom!
Picture 527
Followed by a slice of Cherry Genoa and a morsel of shortbread.
Picture 531
“Very nice” said Darrell as we washed it all down with a nice cup of tea.
Picture 533
“ It’s hard to decide which one was my favourite”
Picture 532
It has to be said that the ladies at the Girls’ School do make exceedingly good cakes"!


Junie said...

Did you have an exceedingly sore tummy after eating all those cakes !!! and then spend an exceedingly long time in the loo !! Did you leave any crumbs !! But those cakes did look delicious !!!

Mr.D said...

Do you like Kipling? I don't know, I've never Kipled. Mmmmm shortbread,