Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I can’t remember if I told you that I was growing cauliflowers as well as potatoes in my little vegetable patch. 
Picture 448
I am very proud. They taste lovely, especially with cheese sauce a la cauliflower cheese!  I did cook a rather large caterpillar in with the first one I picked – luckily I found it in time, as Darrell could have easily mistaken it for a strip of bacon in his sauce!
Picture 451
This one is for Granny, she likes a bit of cauliflower as part of her 5 A Day too!
Picture 454 alan-titchmarsh
It’s a bit of a thrill to give people things that you have grown yourself, I know how Alan Titchmarsh must feel now!

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Mr. D said...

Any possibility of growing your own bananas? Probably need very green fingers in a very greenhouse for this.