Friday, 28 January 2011

Now Taking Commissions

Artist Taking Commissions
Darrell offered to “do” my portrait yesterday afternoon, in the gap between Loose Women and the repeat of The Jeremy Kyle Show..
Drawing Monkeys
I have to admit the likeness was uncanny and he seems to have a natural gift.
Monkey Life Drawing
He takes ages choosing what colour crayon to use.
Monkey Life Drawings by Commission
And always puts them back in the correct place in the box.


Mr.D said...

Which one is Monkey and which one is the drawing? Impressive work Darrell. He has caught that "je ne sais quoi."

marc said...

wow darrell you will have to do more wounderful works of art and put on a exhibition of all your work who knows you could be the next big name on the art scene i would buy a piece of your art in a investment type of way big love marc