Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Darrell On The Razzell!

Darrell came in VERY late last night, clutching a plastic box containing two gigantic slices of, in his own words:- 
“Baked Limoncello cheesecake forced upon me by baking angels from food heaven.  I told them I couldn’t possibly ….. and they said I could and should ….. and if I didn’t  it would only go stale ….  so I did….”  I think he was a little delirious!
He had been over to his friend Julia’s and again in his own words “….. Had feasted greatly and had enjoyed hospitality beyond compare!”
Lemonchella Cheesecake
He then, at long past midnight, proceeded to polish off his cheesecake, going as far as to lick the container clean, (a practice I don’t encourage, I hasten to add), nomming ten to the dozen.
“I LOVE Julia,” he sighed “BUT not in a Stacey Solomon type way, I love her in a nom, nom, nom type way!” After which he went to bed….. still nomming!


Mr.D said...

Darrell can be astonishingly articulate when he puts his mind to it.

marc said...

Darrell your sure look like you had a funtastic night of cake and mates, Stacy will be pleased your heart still lies with her big love marc