Saturday, 15 January 2011

Nigel's Got Pants!

It seems everyone has taken Nigel to their hearts … and now he gets as much post as we do, if not more!
Jumpers for Monkeys
Our friend Marc has sent him a whole wardrobe of t-shirts, jumpers and a pair of jeans that are just perfect, so no more bare bottom!
Jumpers for Monkeys 1
Look at his little face!  He is completely overwhelmed.
Picture 126
His makeshift "hankie" pants are now a thing of the past ….
Picture 127
If he could speak properly, we are sure he would say that he felt blessed in a Hello magazine type way!


Mr.D said...

Wow. Sartorial elegance indeed! Looking good.

Suzie Q said...

Ah Nigel looks made up with this wardrobe ! bless him x
have only recently found your fab blog and was wondering who nigels lil friend is he too looks cute ?
suzie Qx

marc said...

M&D dont feel left out my girls are busy with thread and glue making you both something ,and Nigel my little man they are pleased as cherrypunch you are liking their fashion choics i my self was a bit worried about the lime green as it can wash a face out in a photo shoot sort of way but i feel you have the complection to carry it off big love marc & his girls