Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hitting The Sales – Another Brilliant Bargain!

New Ski Boots
Before I know it I will be off on my ski trip and until yesterday I had been worrying about what I was going to wear on my feet …… but look what I found …..
Ski Boots 1
Lovely, warm, furry boots ……. and just my size. When I saw them on the rack of reduced boots I admit I lunged and may have pushed a few people out of my way, but I did apologise, profusley …….!
New Boots
Darrell was very impressed when he felt how soft and warm they were, saying  “There’ll be no Czech Jack Frost nipping at your toes when you're up those mountains Monkey and you’ll be on trend in a Gok Wan type way!”


Mr. D said...

They will keep your feet nice and arm when you´re not skiing. Good luck with the language over there.

marc said...

they are well cool i hope you have a warm hat and gloves you will also need sunglasses to stop snow blindness when the sun shines which it can alot also a good lip balm for your soft lips big ski fun marc