Saturday, 22 January 2011

Stop Press – News of Hugh

Hugh Grant Look a Like Notting Hill
Hugh has just sent Darrell and I a message to say that he had arrived safely in London, where he is now living with Marc, one of our very special followers.  They’ve shared a cup of coffee, chocolate, a selection of Danish and a fresh fruit salad. Both feel very full and blessed in new flat mate type way.


marc said...

what can i say but i am blessed in a flat share sort of way, he has taken over the spare room and feels once he has changed the decor and has his own fridge he will be at home, he already has my 3 girls eating out of his hand in fact he does not have to walk any were he goes by basset cab at the mo he is unpacking his clothes and by the look of it he will need more room he is happy we are happy all is good in the world of Marc and Hugh big love the both of us and heres to new friends

Mr.D said...

Wow - quite a feast, chocolate included.
Wanting your own fridge seems the sort of thing Hugh Grant would require. Mind you, I can't see Mr. Grant travelling on a basset hound - wouldn't fit.