Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Millionaires Lifestyle ….

There is a shop in Wolverhampton that we always say we will get our furniture from when we are millionaires.  It is very posh ……..
Posh Sofa
…… and very sparkly and shiny, they have a sideboard that looks like it is encrusted with diamonds ……
Posh Coffee Table
We spend ages looking in the window at all the wondrous things, ohhhhing and ahhhhhing and planning ……
Mirrored Lady Panther
Yesterday we treated ourselves to a scratch card  and won £13, so we are putting it towards the mirrored lady, which we think would give our millionaires “pad” an air of opulence, as well as reflect our exquisite taste in all objets d’arts.


Mr. D said...

Does this posh shop have a sale? You may have to queue outside all night to be at the front of the line. It could be cold - your warm, furry boots will come in handy prior ro your ski trip.

marc said...

i have been working on a small project to help you get there big love marc

Anonymous said...

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