Thursday, 13 January 2011

After The Excesses

After the excesses of Darrell’s visit to Julia’s, he decided he needed to treat his body like a temple …. while still dreaming and talking about  mini beef wellingtons, proper cheese straws, honey and mustard infused chipolatas, hot chocolate brownies, brandy bombs and posh coffees ….
Picture 131
I told him that I thought that the teabags should have been used before putting them on his eyes ….
Picture 132
And the stones on his back should have been warmed, most probably in volcanic springs ….
Picture 134
But, there’s no telling him when he’s like this!


Mr.D said...

He will be looking to be pampered in a Spa Day if you don't watch out.

marc said...

i Have not laughed so much in a long time Monkey i think Darrell has gone all metrosexual lol he is such a new age monkey its cosmic next thing we know he will be wearing guyliner like all the big stars do and going to India to find himself lol hope he is chilled out and in tune with the world after all his pampering big love marc

Suzie Q said...

OMG you are fantastic just sat hear reading life so far in monkey world i love it you are ssoooooooooo clever can't wait to tune in next , this spa episode has had me in stitches and yes i needed to rush to loo it happens when i laugh too much x
so cool
Suzie Qx