Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Picture 109
Following on from yesterday AND I know my ski trip isn’t for another couple of months yet, but you can’t blame me for being VERY excited!
Picture 108
When Vinnie (the Volunteer) came over, I asked him for his his opinion on some of my sunglasses, as I thought he would give me an honest answer ….
trying on sunglasses 2
He hmmmmmed a lot …..
Trying on sunglasses
….. and then suggested that we could leave making  final decision a little longer. especially as I haven’t got my ski jacket yet …. I think that’s what you call diplomacy!!
On Trend sunglasses
But for the record, I am favouring the heart shaped ones, as modelled here by Darrell at the moment!

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Mr.D said...

I agree - go with the heart-shaped shades. It will give everyone a hearty laugh too.