Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Darrell’s Scrapbook – An Homage to Stacey Solomon.

Stacey Solomon 4
Darrell has made a lovely little display on his window sill with the framed  pictures of Stacey Solomon that he had for Christmas and a big red heart that Auntie Jan gave him.
Stacey Solomon 3
He is very proud and dusts it every day.
Stacey Solomon 1
He has also decided to put together a scrapbook using all his magazine cuttings about Stacey.
Stacey Solomon 5 And I have to say he has made a beautiful job.
Stacey Solomon 6
I quite like sitting and watching him put it altogether, he hums a lot and is very particular where each picture goes.
Stacey Solomon
He says that this picture depicts how he sees himself and Stacey, “ I am a frog waiting to be kissed and turned into Stacey’s prince!” he sighed……


Mr.D said...

Ahhh, unrequited love! I suspect this Ms.Solomon, whoever she is, isn't good enough for Darrell.

marc said...

Darrell i am loving your scrapbooking , your page lay outs are well good in a papercrafters sort of way big love marc ps dont get posting monkey to strangers on the net no matter who they say they are big love marc

A Sensible Monkey said...

Thank you Marc ..... I am keeping a VERY close eye on Darrell - ALL boxes, brown paper and selloptape have been hidden ...... no matter how much Darrell loves Stacey .... there have to be sensible limits on how far he is allowed to go in order to meet her xxxxx

marc said...

Good on you Monkey i am so pleased you know your internet safty rules and are taking care of our heart lead friend big love marc