Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nigel’s Burgeoning Wardrobe…… And / Or Career In Fashion.

We’ve had quite a few e-mails asking about Nigel’s growing wardrobe, all sent to him by our lovely followers, so we set up a little photo shoot so that everyone could see what a style icon he is becoming ….
cheeky Chimp T-shirt
Here, he is modelling his Cheeky Chimp look, as you can see, he is quite a natural in front of the camera.
Novelty Bow Tie T-shirt
This faux bow tie and tuxedo is our favourite ….smart but casual, neither over or under dressed.
Picture 007
Nigel tends to wear his “Cheeky Chocolate Chomper” shirt  for when we are all watching Notting Hill or Love Actually on the settee together with a bowl of Areo bubbles and a box of tissues for the sad bits.
Love Jumper
Moving on to knitwear ….. the ladies seem to like this look very much, Darrell says it brings out their motherly instincts -
Picture 006
….. which is quite good, because, to be honest, Nigel has a face that only a mother could love, but we pray hope that he will grow into it as he gets older, a bit like Rod Stewart.


Mr.D said...

A face only a mother can love? I'm glad Nigel can't read or else he may develop a complex! Nigel may get a burgeoning waistline too if he watches too many weepies with a side order of chocolates.

Angie said...

Love the knit wear xx

marc said...

M&D you must tell Nigel his fans love his new outfits and he looks a real dandy in a on trend sort of way big love marc