Sunday, 2 January 2011

Back in Festive Garb …….. To Rekindle The Festive Mood.

Marmite Coasters and Expresso cups
The post has been a bit messed up, what with Christmas and all the Bank Holidays and stuff, so imagine our surprise when we got a delayed festive parcel from our friend Marc.  To get into the mood/moment for which they were intended we decided to get back into our festive apparel, which had, fortuitously, just come out of the tumble dryer and were all warm and snugly.
Marmite Expresso cups
Just look what he sent us ….  Marmite coasters, with our names on, so we won’t get them mixed up, how BRILLIANT is that?  ….. And …. they go perfectly with our new Marmite cups and saucers …. it’s like he had a spooky Derek Acorah moment and psychically sensed that we would need something to rest them on to limit mess of spillage type nature..
Picture 1037
And there were presents for Nigel too, two tiny cuddly toys, his little eyes lit up when he saw them, he was so excited, they don’t have names yet ….. but Marc and Rick spring to mind!
Picture 1040
You should hear Nigel doing funny little voices when he plays with them.  Bless him xx


Mr. D said...

Could adult humans use Nigel's cuddly toys as finger puppets? They look like fun to use.

marc said...

Mr D well it funny you should say that as thats what they are intended for but i thought they would also make perfect little friends for Nigel we best not tell him they were for fingers hin not having any big love marc p s so glad you liked the coasters M&D and crafty mum keep an eye on that post you never no what my girls can send with out me knowing lol big love marc