Thursday, 20 January 2011

Constantly Surprised - Vinnie – Would Be 2012 Olympic Games Maker …….

We are constantly surprised by our friends and their hidden talents.  We knew that Vinnie the Volunteer, who lives with Auntie Jan, volunteered for EVERYTHING of a sporty nature in his (and Auntie Jan’s) endeavour to fulfil their dream of becoming Official Olympic Volunteers in 2012 or to use the proper Olympic terminology - “Games Makers” ….. but we didn’t know that he was a dab hand on a “singer”!
Vinnie Sewing
And is especially proud of his smocking ….
….. Anyway, it turns out that he has written to the Lord Coe and has volunteered to make the bunting to go round the 2012 Olympic Stadium ….. what a wonderful gesture and no mean task! 
Olympic Stadium
We have volunteered to help Vinnie to cut out all the triangles … should his offer be accepted. Come on Lord Coe, please say yes!


Mr.D said...

Vinnie could also make the finish line tapes and the ribbons for the medals. Who will volunteer to help the volunteers who help Vinnie the volunteer?

marc said...

I am Going to write a letter to Lord Coe saying just how great it would be if we had bunting as it would bring a real touch of that old EastEnd Cockney community Spirit that tourist always love and bunting is as British as fish & chips and i know of just the monkey for the job it will get world press and your mock up of the stadium should seal the deal big love marc go Vinnie go