Friday, 14 January 2011


You know when I am up the Czech mountains?  Will there be any risk of me suffering from attitude altitude sickness or the bends?  And if there are any risks, what precautions should I take? Earplugs, barley sugar, oxygen mask?  Sun £9.50 holidays are much less complicated.


Mr.D said...

I chewed coca leaves high up in Peru - they help with altitude sickness. I don´t know of a cure for attitude sickness.

marc said...

i dont think you should be chewing coca leaves at your age ,i think your be ok and as for the bends the only ones to worry about are the ones on the road ,your be fine just breathe as normal and think of just how many peps go there each year.O but barley sugar is good at any time yum yum so best to take those ,and some lipbarm and may be a victory v or 2 ,also if you can find them those little hand warmers you can put in your gloves a pen for post cards ,a good book ,copy of important phone numbers,your small tourch ,a camara ,a hankycheif or bandanner,a small sewing kit ,saftypins ,and string becuase all boys need string i dont no why but my 1950s book of what boys need says string ,a note book to write about your day,a whistle to blow in case you get lost which i am sure you wont as i know you will stay safe with others, see now you have got me anxious as i am a real worrier in the worse way as i always take/pack to much just in case we need it, once i did take a kitchen sink but it was my first time camping but thats another story lol its best not to worry just have big time fun big love marc

Mr.D said...

I pack the minimum. A few times I have backpacked for six weeks with only a small carry on sized bag. Much easier.