Friday, 21 January 2011

Too Much Holby City …..

I think Darrell is watching too much Holby City….. that at times his sense of humour is a little dubious …. and
Blood Bag
…… I need to curb his visits to Poundworld …
Blood Candy
….. especially when he is spending his pocket money on things like this!  What is he like?
Blood Type A
And when he suggested a “Confectionary Review” I think I scowled at him.
Emergency Blood bag
….. saying that I thought it would be in the worst possible taste, but, would think about it!


Mr.D said...

I suspect the blood bag has the worst possible taste. Better than a colostomy bag I suppose.

marc said...

O Mr D&Darrell Your both very Naughty in a school boy sort of way but you make me smile every day from ear to ear have a fun filled mischievous day big love marc