Saturday, 29 January 2011

Refreshing Drink of The Month – Capri-Sun.

Please note that although we are drawing your attention to this months, monthly drink of the month, it is not necessarily our monthly drink of choice of the month.Picture 027
When our friend Hugh popped in the other week I showed him that at “work” we have a monthly drink of the month.
Picture 031
And this month, the monthly drink of the month was Capri-Sun.
Capri-Sun Drink of the Month
Hugh wasn’t very impressed by the presentation “There is nothing about the display that draws me in and makes me want to try this months, monthly refreshing drink of the month” he said “There’s too much blue, not enough orange, and I don’t get the wings or stars.” I trust his judgement and opinion implicitly as I know that he mixes with arty people who know what they are talking about.
Picture 032
We also both agreed that drinks in (handy) pouches would never be our monthly refreshing drink of the month of choice, as they have a propensity to gush or dribble all over the place if you hold them too tight. Squeezing, no matter how tempting, is a real no go area, unless you actually want to be covered in sticky liquid, which is why Darrell and Nigel are never allowed them.  This never happened with Um Bongo …. which sadly you can’t get anymore ….

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Mr.D said...

What is your monthly drinks election of the month? Some people have a propensity to gush and dribble too. What! You can't get Um Bongo? "Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo." The drink was bad but the advert was so bad it was good.