Saturday, 8 January 2011

Darrell’s Modelling Set

Picture 002
One of Darrell’s favourite Christmas presents was his play dough modelling set.  It smells lovely, just like marzipan,  but he knows he mustn’t eat any! Definitely no nom, nom noming!
Play Dough
At first he made a lots of snakes, worms and bridges, but after a bit of practice he is getting more adventurous  ……..
Modelling clay kit
…… and accomplished …..
Stacey Solomon made out of Play Dough
like this model of Stacey Solomon.
A heart for Stacey Solomon
He even made a little heart to go with it!
Darrell in Play Dough
He is also trying to be very careful and keep all the colours separate,  as he doesn’t want it to get all mixed up and become a big pile of yucky coloured brown dough.  I expect we will be seeing quite a few of Darrell’s models over the next few weeks!


Mr.D said...

I hope Darrell washes his hands and uses a clean surface, otherwise the yellow will become brown and Stacey Solomon, whoever she is, will be dirty. Is it a good likeness of Ms. Solomon? She looks rather scary to me.
I can smell playdough in my mind´s eye - if you know what I mean. You can make your own but it won't have the same smell.

marc said...

what talant you have ,you could get crafty mum to help you make some salt dough then you could bake the things you make and even paint them or you could die the dough useing food colour the things you could make yourselfs big love Marc ps i think you should post a picture of your model of stacy on her face book page she might just love it as much as we do big love marc