Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Darrell …. Party Animal or Easily Lead Astray Nomer?

Darrell is becoming a bit of a party animal.  Last night he he was out enjoying  the delights of Pan Asian Cuisine with Stephanie, “An extremely attractive redhead” he said, continuing  “We are just good friends. She is sworn to another and my heart belongs faithfully to Stacey Solomon, but, there is nothing to say that we can’t share in the pleasures of jelly …….
Bowl of Jelly 
……. in cube form or in multicoloured slices ……
…….. Eton Mess ……
Eton mess
……. profiteroles ……profitaroles
…….. or very long cake ……
Picture 150
……. together, whilst discussing important world events “  
Picture 159
Hmmmmmmm, I despaired when I saw his plate plates, not one 5 a day on any of them.  I think I need to take him in hand a little.
Picture 160
I may also need to have a word with Stephanie, what sort of pudding is this for a young woman?  (and yes, those are Cadbury mini eggs!)


Mr.D said...

The desserts don't look Pan Asian to me. Is long cake the opposite of shortcake?
Darrell isn't a messy eater - not a drop on his clothes, his hands or his mouth. Impressive.

marc said...

Mr D Darrell is a monkey of class and would never be seen in public with such things lol . I think your right it looks more PAN HANDELED than Pan Asian but i think i could just about force it down yum yum big love marc ps What is Pan Asian is it one of those new country i havent heard of some were near the old USSR or a new Air line like Pan AM

Mr.D said...

I had never heard of Pan Asian - do they sell all types of Asian food?