Monday, 17 January 2011

We’re Calendar Boys!!!

We checked Darrell’s Facebook page yesterday and look what we found on his wall ….. us!!!
Picture 140
There was also a message from one of our followers Karen which said:-
Hi Darrell, I hope you and Monkey don't mind (although my Monkey Alfie is just a little bit jealous!!) but I loved the picture of you in your Santa suits so much, I made you the stars of my December scrapbook pages. I am just finishing a challenge to scrapbook 2010. One of the pages each month has to be an envelope with receipts and stuff, so I made you a big Monkey Santa sack to put the tickets on for my sons graduation from the RAF (he will be the star of the other page!).
I hope you don't mind xx
Mind?  We are thrilled!  We feel really, really famous!]
Facebook Calendar
Our first calendar spread!  Thank you so much Karen xxxx
Perhaps next year we’ll be asked to do one with our shirts off and our six packs out ….. !!


Mr.D said...

You may be asked to pose shirtless but think at least twice! Great calendar M&D, in the opinion of Mr.D

YorkshireKaren said...

Oh, Monkey, I am overwhelmed that you like my I feel famous too!
And as for being calendar boys....well, I would buy a calendar with you on there's a challenge for you both for next year!

Candycane said...

I think a calendar starring you guys would be fantastic - a best seller for sure!

I think you should make one for next year!!

Sal xXx