Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Whole Lot of Making Going On …..

There is always lot of making going on in our house ……. that’s probably why it’s gradually wearing off on us!
Wolves Plaque
As you know, we are HUGE Wolves fans, so when Tom the Scientist bought his dad a “Wolves Fans Live Here” mould for Christmas, to make stepping stones for the garden, we were very, very excited.
Wolves Fan Plaque
How BRILLIANT are they? …… But far too hard for us to have a go at …..  the thought of Darrell and a big bucket of wet cement doesn’t bode too well!
Wolves Plaque Mould
But, we are busy planning how the stepping stones will look in our garden once Tom’s Dad (Mr. Fiddle Fart) has made enough for a path ……..
We think “Sir” Mick would be very impressed with what we have in mind!


Mr. D said...

Do the old gold ellipses mark out a drunk Tom's path to the garden shed or is it one of Mick Mac's tactical explanations to his defenders? No wonder they concede so many!

Darrell said...

Mr D !!! Tush!

marc said...

are the gnomes new players ? they were used to guard the earths treasures so maybe they will guard wolves goal better than those that do it now big love marc