Sunday, 16 January 2011

Nipping Over to See Cyril

 Picture 080
It’s been ages since I have seen my mate Cyril, so I nipped over to Stafford yesterday to catch up with him. I warned him I was coming, just in case my visit clashed with The Jeremy Kyle Show, which he NEVER misses. He said it was OK, and not to worry, as he now has Jezza on permanent Series Link.
He was very impressed with my new biker jacket, in fact he insisted on checking the label as he couldn’t believe it wasn’t an expensive Italian design and that it was actually from Florence and Fred at Tesco!
Picture 089
Cyril proudly showed me his house rabbit, Honey, she is so lovely……  all soft and fluffy, (not unlike Darrell really!)
And I think she took a shine to me.
Monkey Life
I had a lovely time, especially when we watched Monkey Life together,  sharing a huge bowl of pretzels. It’s brilliant to have good friends.

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Mr.D said...

Nice one, Cyril.