Sunday, 30 January 2011

F & F at Tesco – Darrell Spots A New Trend.

Darrell has been looking at this years new fashion trends from F & F at Tesco.
Tesco F & F  baby T shirt £2.50
He has set his heart on this dickie bow t-shirt, a snip at £2.50, so he has left a voice mail message for Auntie Jan to see if she could possibly have a look for a couple next time she wants to take on a “shopping mission”.
Tesco Dickie Bow T-shirt
He thought our friend Hugh might like one too, because it’s the sort of thing that could  take a bit of embellishment, like a few Swarovski crystals here and there, some strategically placed sequins and a bit of ric rac braid.  Hugh is looking for a job playing piano in a swanky West End cocktail bar, in this shirt, once tweaked, he would certainly look the part.


Mr.D said...

I wonder what F & F stands for. Fat and freaky? Fine and frisky? Hugh must be careful what gets tweaked. Could be painful.

Darrell said...

Mr D - F & F stands for Florence and Fred!

Mr.D said...

OK Thanks for this.

marc said...

Mr D your a one lol i think i will have to ask marc if we can go to Tesco he has never been so it will be an adventure for him lol big show biz wave Hugh ps it does need a bit of bling for me