Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Flying Visit From Our Friend Hugh

Picture 043
Yesterday, Hugh, our friend popped by on his way to London. As you can see he bears an uncanny resemblance to the actor Hugh Grant, which is made even spookier by the fact that he is just moving into a flat near Notting Hill!
Picture 034
He said it was only a flying visit and hoped I didn’t mind if he nipped in to see me at work, rather than at home. I was so pleased to see him and show him around, as he has never seen the Reprographics Dept. where Darrell and I help out when there is a “rush” on.  He was very impressed by the machines and helped me press a button or two, although he said that they were a scary to the uninitiated.
Picture 036
He loved the wonderful array of rainbow coloured copier paper that Darrell and I have at our disposal.....
Picture 037
...... and the trolley we use to take the photocopying to the various departments.
locked in the safe
But best of all he liked our safe where we keep our valuables, which he said was bigger than some of the flats he’d been looking at in London!
Picture 022
Before his left I treated him to a lemon curd tart and a Capri-Sun from the canteen,
Lemon Curd tart
..... where he amazed by the freshly baked daily biscuit selection that was on offer.Biscuit of Choice
It was brilliant to catch up with a special friend. Hugh said he was sorry that he'd missed Darrell,  but he'd  be in touch with us as soon as he’d settled into his new flat.  I thought that perhaps I'd dig out my old DVD of Notting Hill over the weekend and watch it with Darrell and Nigel with some popcorn and Maltesers  and we'd all think of Hugh settling in ..... humming "You say it best ........"


Mr.D said...

You can't get lemon curd in Mexico - you can get lemons but not the curd. In fact lemons are called lima and limes are called lemón. On a similar note, tuna is called atún but tuna is a fruit.
Your friend Hugh has the same range of facial expressions as Hugh Grant too.

Suzie Q said...

hugh is rather dishy love his dress sense x
Suzie qx

marc said...

he is even more handsom in a showbiss sort of way and mr D he informs me that he allegedly like Hugh Grant has not had botox and has several looks he can draw from,thanks to his years of experiance treading the boards of the west end and in being in films of a higher standard big love marc