Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cause For Concern

Mon Dieu!
We are little very extremely concerned …..
Bones at the bottom of the pond
Look what we have found at the bottom of our pond! We think our harmless looking goldfish maybe masquerading piranhas! We are in a quandary as to what we should do.  Probably the first step would be to stop Nigel playing in his inflatable dinghy.
We don’t want a Amity Island, Jaws type situation on our hands!


Mr.D said...

I went fishing for piranhas in the Amazon. Lots of sharp teeth!
I swam there and more worrying is the Candirú or willy fish, which swims up one's willy and hooks itself in place.

Mrs A. said...

That Candirú fish sounds very nasty. Monkey has just cancelled his trip up the amazaon. Is nowhere safe!!! Mrs A & Monkey.

marc said...

i think one should stay on dry land unless your in a 5 star hotel and they have a indoor pool with bar and life guard it strange were is the rest of the boady those legs belong big worried show biz wave Hugh