Saturday, 4 June 2011

Gone To The Dogs

Darrell thought it was hilarious this morning when he looked up at me over his marmite soldiers and said “Monkey, you’ve gone to the dogs!”, followed by much mirth and hilarity! 
Picture 141
He was right, but rather than letting myself go in an unkempt type nature, what he meant was that last night I had accepted a very kind invitation to partake in an evening of greyhound racing! Something I had never done before.
Greyhound Racing
I can’t really say that the atmosphere had a romantic feel or charm, though my lady companions were all very lovely, it was more like an episode from Minder and I was sort of half expecting to hear Arthur Daley say  “Bung a ton on Mystery Coloured Memories for me Terry” at sometime during the evening.
Monmore Green Greyhound Monmore Green Wolverhampton
I tried to study the form, but to be honest it made no sense to me at all, so I used my Derek Acorah method of selection, which meant choosing a name that I felt had a spooky type of connection to me ……. and I also had one of Darrell’s holey stones in my pocket.
Picture 126
This method (plus Darrell’s holey stone) proved unsuccessful until the fifth race when I wagered £1 of the Queen’s shilling  on a place on Drumscraw Julie who came in second and I won £1.40. 
Monmore Green Greyhound Racing
I clung onto my winning ticket for all I was worth, it was sooooo exciting, but rather than squander my winnings on another wager, I treated myself to some very acceptable tray of chips………
 Picture 137
…… which one of my comrades quite fancied, although she did say she preferred a dollop mayo to dip her chips in, with a bit of ketchup on the side! I like a classy lady!
Anyway it was a most enjoyable evening and I thanked my friends profusely for inviting me. 
Picture 143
I brought home all my slips, plus some little pens and slips for Darrell to see and Nigel to scribble on.
Picture 144
I now need to explain why we are only going to eat the basics next week, and that Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream is definitely off the menu as a bedtime scooby type snack! 
Picture 147


Mr.D said...

I have gone to the dogs a few times in my life too. I came out on top my last visit. I have gone for a Burton too.
I hope the Basics diet goes well.

Helen said...

Hi Mr D

Darrell's always saying he should have gone to SpecSavers!!!!

marc said...

gord blimey me old cocker you been down the dogs me to back in the day i to loved it in a pie and mash jelly elled sort of way but those days have gone ,i love Nigels
picture of a dog its well good in a cheecky chappie sort of way big love me old sparrow marc