Thursday, 23 June 2011

No Darrell, No!

Darrell saw this huge hand seat at the local garden centre and was very taken with it.  I told him, in no uncertain terms, that it yielded no place in our garden!
Big hand garden ornament
… Imagine the nightmares that would follow for Nigel (and Darrell, for that matter) ….. Darrell and Nigel looking out of their bedroom window ….in the dead of night, the garden illuminated only by the moon, strange shadows dancing on the lawn,  AND then they see a giant hand emerging from the flower beds …… I think not!


Mr.D said...

Looks as though it could be a seat for you. Very handy if you get tired.
It reminds me of the surrealist follies in Mexico. Google images "las pozas" Xilitla hand.

marc said...

i put my hands up to i can see were your comming from a bit to hammer house of horror for me a bit like the mummys hand big love marc