Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Village Carnival

Bilbrook Carnival r
Darrell has had an exciting couple of days, but I don’t really think that the village carnival yesterday was quite up to Take That’s standards but after a nap Darrell got up to watch the floats go past the house, it was quite a special event as it the first time Nigel had seen it.
Bilbrook Carnival a
It’s hard to believe another year has gone by and that this time last year we were doing exactly the same thing (except without Nigel).  We got into our strategic positions on the wall in front of the house to the gain the best vantage point.

 We gave Nigel the important job of putting all our pennies in the collecting tins.
2011 Bilbrook Carnival
It’s hard to say which float we liked best …The Ompalumpahs, the playgroup’s Circus …..
Picture 082 
The Viking Longboat…..
Bilbrook Carnival z
….. or the Disney Princesses.
Bilbrook Carnival 2011
Nigel’s carnival float of choice was the Jack In The Boxes pulled by a tractor, with the little ones popping up and down in their boxes, he put quite a lot of money in their tin.
Bilbrook Carnival e
He was jibber jabbering a lot in my ear and after some consultation between Darrell and myself, we think he was asking if we would make him a jack in the box box to play in when Marcel comes to play next ….what is he like?

Bilbrook Carnival g 
We will see what we can do, it’s been quite a while since we’ve crafted and it could be an interesting challenge for us..... a box for Nigel!
Bilbrook Carnival 2011 a 
We discussed it for a while as the procession processed up the road, past the pub........
Picture 097
......... and then we went in for a cup of tea and chocolate hobnob, still disbelieving just how quickly the past year had gone.


marc said...

it looks such fun big love marc

Mr.D said...

Marc, another late night. Well done in posting before me.
I like the Jacks-in-the-boxes too.
Video as well - how high tech.
I recognise the pub - you went in there for the special offers and I used to go in Friday lunchtimes.

Mrs G said...

Hmmm, do I sense a little competition/friendly rivalry to see who can leave the earliest comment between Mr D and Marc? I feel that a handbags at dawn situation could occur!

Oh yes, the pub is doing the same offers ..... but now it's calling itself a "Flaming Grill" so we gets lots of smells of a barbecue nature wafting over. They have put posh metal tables and chairs outside as well giving a Cafe Society feel and vistas of Motorworld and the village green!!!! You're not hankering over leaving Mexico and coming back Mr D???

Jen said...

How cute do you all look perched on the wall xx

Sam said...

How lucky you were that it wasn't raining - I can't imagine what it must be like to have three soggey monkeys in the house!!!

Mr.D said...

No rivalry from me, Mrs.G. I am at an unfair advantage being 6 hours behind. And anyway, I don't have any handbags. I suppose I could borrow some from Mrs.D.

Hankering? Mmm. There is some news on this front but not back to the UK. I will tell you at a later date. On top of this we are coming to England in the summer.

Nigel said...

Woooooooo hooooooo!

Mr.D the globetrotter. said...

We are leaving Mexico for another adventure elsewhere. I may give you some clues as to which country.